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Jelly Roll Rug 2

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Pattern includes instructions by RJ Designs to make a fabric rug.

This revised and expanded version of the Jelly-Roll Rug2 pattern has updated diagrams, drawings, and photos along with added instructions and options to make various shaped rugs:

The original rectangle rug, a half-round rug, and two rounded bath/vanity mats.

Roma designed this Jelly-Roll Rug Squared pattern as a simpler version of the original Jelly-Roll Rug pattern for her 4 sisters who wanted in on the fun.

Now, all skill levels may participate in the joy of Jelly-Roll Rug making! No stitching around tight curves, just sewing straight, 'seams'.

Supplies not included: Uses 1 Jelly Roll and 1 Bosal Katahdin On-A-Roll (#390K-75), and the Gypsy Quilter JellyRoll Tube Maker (#TGQ024) to ease the construction process.

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