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Most cotton fabrics listed on our site are approximately 42" wide, unless otherwise noted.
Wool blend felts are approximately 36" wide.
100% wools are approximately 56" wide.
To order fabric yardage, please use the following decimals:
1/4 yard = 9" = .25
1/3 yard = 12" = .34
1/2 yard = 18" = .5
2/3 yard = 24" = .67
3/4 yard = 27" = .75
For example, to order 1 1/2 yards, enter 1.5 as the quantity, then click Add to Cart. 
Please note that our website rounds our fabric inventory to the closest whole number so it is
possible that we may physically have a little more or a little less yardage than is actually

Select a Fabric By Collection category:

A Blooming BunchSpotted WhiteA to Zoo Animals IvoryPumpkins and Cream
A Blooming BunchA Stroll in ParisA to ZooAll Hallow's Eve
American Gathering Jelly RollAmerican RusticAnimal CrackersAnother Moose Pine Bough Black
American GatheringsAmerican RusticAnimal CrackersAnother Moose on the Loose
Autumn Love Gingham NutmegBabe in the Woods FlannelBack Porch CelebrationBe Mine
Autumn LoveBabe in the Woods FlannelBack Porch CelebrationBe Mine
Beautiful Basics Cream Gold DotBee GratefulBella SolidsBest Friends Farm Panel
Beautiful BasicsBee GratefulBella SolidsBest Friends Farm
Better Not PoutBlack Tie AffairBlossom GreyBramble Cottage
Better Not PoutBlack Tie AffairBlossom by Riley BlakeBramble Cottage
Brighten UpBrooklyn Plaid FlannelBunny's Garden Hopping FencesButtermilk Blossoms
Brighten UpBrooklyn Plaid FlannelBunny's GardenButtermilk Blossoms
Buttermilk Winter Focal StripeCamilla Bouquet DenimCarlisleCarrot Patch
Buttermilk WinterCamillaCarlisleCarrot Patch
Cast Iron Hashtag BlackCentury  White on White VChatsworth Brushed HomespunCheers to You
Cast IronCentury Black and WhitesChatsworth Brushed HomespunCheers to You
Chestnut StreetChocolicious Strawberry BlackPrintworks Holiday Idea BookleCocktail Party
Chestnut StreetChocoliciousChristmas CardCocktail Party
Coffee ShopColette Bloom WhiteColor Theory Flowery Vines BlkColor Wash Woolies Flannel Hazelnut Brown
Coffee ShopColetteColor TheoryColor Wash Woolies Flannel
Comfort and JoyComfy FlannelCompositionsConey Island
Comfort and JoyComfy FlannelCompositionsConey Island
CosmoCozy Cotton Celery FlowersCrackleCrystal Lake
CosmoCozy Cotton FlannelCrackleCrystal Lake
Scallop Dot WhisperDiamond Textile HomespunsDot Dot BooDown on the Farm
Dear Stella BasicsDiamond Textile HomespunsDot Dot BooDown on the Farm
Dry Brush BlackDublinEaster Egg HuntElephant's Garden  White Flowe
Dry Brush EssentialsDublinEaster Egg HuntElephant's Garden
EmmaEssentials Vine PurpleEssentials DotsEssentials Flannel Dots Gold
EmmaEssentials by WilmingtonEssentials DotsEssentials Flannel Petite Dots
Farm Charm Sheep Kettle BlackFarm Girl Vintage 2Farm Girl Vintage CompanionsFarmhouse Flannel II
Farm CharmFarm Girl VintageFarm Girl Vintage CompanionsFarmhouse Flannel II
Farmhouse Muslin Flannel Dk StFarmhouse RedsFat CatFern Hill
Farmhouse FlannelsFarmhouse RedsFat CatFern Hill
Fireside Texture NaturalFireworks and FreedomFlannelsFlea Market Mix
FiresideFireworks and FreedomFlannelsFlea Market Mix
Flea Market Moxie NeedlepointFleursFlower Garden GatheringsForest Talk
Flea Market MoxieFleursFlower Garden GatheringsForest Talk
Fossil RimFrench Press Stripe Brt YellowFrolic in the SnowFrom the Heart
Fossil RimFrench Press StripeFrolic in the SnowFrom the Heart
Frosted WoodlandFull Bloom Floral GreyFull Moon Plus BlackGarden Pindot Punch
Frosted WoodlandFull BloomFull MoonGarden Pindot
Garden Variety Starburst BerryGelatoGhouls and Goodies Charm PackGive Thanks
Garden VarietyGelatoGhouls and GoodiesGive Thanks
Golden Days Floral NavyGood DayGrateful HeartsGrunge Basics
Golden DaysGood DayGrateful HeartsGrunge Basics
Grunge Glitter White PaperGrunge Seeing Stars NavyGrunge Seeing Stars VanillaHandmade
Grunge GlitterGrunge Hits The SpotGrunge Seeing StarsHandmade
Happy Days Carnation NavyHarmony Flannel Leaf GraphiteHarpers GardenHarriet's Handwork
Happy DaysHarmony FlannelHarpers GardenHarriet's Handwork
Harvest Moon and HauntingHarvest RoadHatch Texture CloudHazelwood
Harvest Moon and HauntingHarvest RoadHatchHazelwood
Hearthside HolidayHelping Hands Leaves CreamHickory Ridge Plaid RustHickory Road Charm Pack
Hearthside HolidayHelping HandsHickory RidgeHickory Road
Hocus PocusHocus Pocus 5 in StackerTree Traditions Lights SpearmiHoliday Traditions Stocking
Hocus PocusHocus Pocus by Echo ParkHoffman HolidayHoliday Fabrics 2019
Holiday Heartland Quilts RedHoliday Lodge Check Red WhiteHoliday TraditionsHoliday Village Ornaments Gold
Holiday HeartlandHoliday LodgeHoliday TraditionsHoliday Village
Holly WoodsHomeHomespun GatheringsHoundstooth Basic Gold
Holly WoodsHomeHomespun GatheringsHoundstooth Basics
Humble Beginnings Star Moon CrIndigo Gatherings 16 Fat 1/4'sHeat N Bond LiteJo's Best Friends Black Stars
Humble BeginningsIndigo GatheringsInterfacing, Fusibles, BattingJo's Best Friends
Jo's ShirtingsJoyeuxChasing Stars BookletDino Multi Colored Dinosaurs
Jo's ShirtingsJoyeuxKansas Troubles Favorites 2019Kid's Prints
Kingston Stellar KhakiKona SolidsLady Elizabeth Dot SageLancaster
KingstonKona SolidsLady ElizabethLancaster
Later AlligatorLexi Large Floral BarkLiberty Gatherings Moon CrmRedLiberty Lane 10 Inch Squares
Later AlligatorLexiLiberty GatheringsLiberty Lane
Serenity Texture PinkLittle Gatherings IILittle House: MansfieldLittle House: Scenics & Icons
Linen Look TexturesLittle Gatherings IILittle House: MansfieldLittle House: Scenics & Icons
Little House: Walnut GroveLittle Snippets Floral CharcoaLittle Sunshine Dots TurquoiseLittle Tree
Little House: Walnut GroveLittle SnippetsLittle SunshineLittle Tree
Love LettersCompositions Newsprint WhiteMackinac IslandMarches De Noel Charm Pack
Love LettersLow Volume PrintsMackinac IslandMarches De Noel
Marmalade Fans CreamMemoirsMerry & BrightMerry and Bright Riley Blake
Marmalade by Kathy HallMemoirsMerry & BrightMerry and Bright Riley Blake
Merry Starts HereMetropolisMidnight MagicMiniature Gatherings
Merry Starts HereMetropolisMidnight MagicMiniature Gatherings
Miniature Gatherings DarksFireside Texture NaturalMisty Mountain Flannel AnimalsMarbles Peacoat Navy
Miniature Gatherings DarksMinky and CuddleMisty Mountain FlannelModa Marbles
Modern Background InkModern Background V WhiteModern Melody Spiro White/BlkMoon Garden Mushroom Peach
Modern Background InkModern Background More PaperModern MelodyMoon Garden
Moonshine Crow Panel BlackMorning CoffeeMoroccan Red GeometricNature's Glory
MoonshineMorning CoffeeMoroccan RedNature's Glory
Nebraska HuskerNestNew HopeNicholson Street
Nebraska HuskerNestNew HopeNicholson Street
Studio Texture BlackNova Triangles CascadeNovelty Christmas Advent PanelNuno
NoelNovaNovelty ChristmasNuno
Toscana Marble GoldOmbre Confetti MagentaOn Meadowlark PondOn the Go Charm Pack
Oh Holy NightOmbre Confetti MetallicsOn Meadowlark PondOn the Go
OrchardPaula Barnes Stars PumpkinPedal PushersPenned Pals Cross Mint
OrchardPaula Barnes CompanionsPedal PushersPenned Pals
Petal Lane Medallion PinkPick-Up Sticks Black on WhitePicnic Point TowelingPieceful Pines
Petal LanePick-Up SticksPicnic Point TowelingPieceful Pines
Pin Dot PurplePlaids Buffalo Check RedPoppy MaePorcelain
Pin DotPlaids by Riley BlakePoppy MaePorcelain
PotteryPrairie SistersPrim Vintage VividPrimitive Muslin Paper Bag
PotteryPrairie SistersPrim by Lori HoltPrimitive Muslin
Pumpkin FarmPutty and Mortar Sprig Crm GreSpotted Quotation CreamRainbow Seeds
Pumpkin FarmPutty and MortarQuotationRainbow Seeds
Ready Set Splash 5 in StackerRed White FreeRedwork GatheringsReflections
Ready Set SplashRed White FreeRedwork GatheringsReflections
Riley Blake BasicsRiptide Main DenimRise and GrindRoam Sweet Home
Riley Blake BasicsRiptideRise and GrindRoam Sweet Home
Rodeo Roundup Cowboy Motif SquareRoseyRustic Weave Sweet LilacSanctuary Zen Dots
Rodeo RoundupRoseyRustic WeaveSanctuary
Sarah's Story Vine Sweet CreamSave the BeesSerenity Daisy PinkSet Sail America Plaid Multi
Sarah's StorySave the BeesSerenitySet Sail America
Welcome Winter Birdhouses WhtShabby by Lori HoltShades of SummerShadow Play - Gray
Sewing with SingerShabby by Lori HoltShades of SummerShadow Play
Shimo Kessho MizuShine OnSilent Night Joy Peace PanelSimply Colorful
ShimoShine OnSilent NightSimply Colorful
Sketch Texture CrimsonSmall TalkSnowboundSnowman Gatherings III
SketchSmall TalkSnowboundSnowman Gatherings III
Soft Sweet FlannelSolanaSomething BorrowedSonoma Tile Cream
Soft Sweet FlannelSolanaSomething BorrowedSonoma
Soul Shine Stripe MultiSpice It Up Bud Light TanSpin AquaSpirit of America
Soul Shine and DaydreamsSpice It UpSpinSpirit of America
Spooky DelightsSpottedSpring Brook Lrg Floral StoneSprinkles
Spooky DelightsSpottedSpring BrookSprinkles
Stars and Stripes GatheringsState Fair Cluck Cluck WhiteStealth North Star CloudStiletto
Stars and Stripes GatheringsState FairStealthStiletto
Strawberry Honey Berries BlushStrawberry JamSummerfestSunday Supper
Strawberry & HoneyStrawberry JamSummerfestSunday Supper
Sunnyside UpSuper FredSusanna's ScrapsSweet Christmas
Sunnyside UpSuper FredSusanna's ScrapsSweet Christmas
Sweet TreatsSwell ChristmasTall Grass Floral GreenSolana Thatched Buttercup
Sweet TreatsSwell ChristmasTall GrassThatched
The Good Life Circle Dot RedMost Wonderful Time Panel BLKTo Be Jolly CandyCane MidnightTo The Moon & Back Stars Blue
The Good LifeThe Most Wonderful TimeTo Be JollyTo the Moon and Back
Toadily Cute 9 Fat QuartersTowelingTowel Dot Bright RedTranquility
Toadily CuteTowelingTowels - FinishedTranquility
Trinkets Dash PurpleTruckin' in the USAUrban FarmhouseVintage Happy 2-Fat Qrt Panel2
TrinketsTruckin' in the USAUrban FarmhouseVintage Happy II
Vintage HolidayWelcome Baby Flannel Stars GreyWelcome WinterWhite Christmas Metallic
Vintage HolidayWelcome Baby FlannelWelcome WinterWhite Christmas Metallic
Whoa Girl Boots White MultiWide Awake Flannel108" Backing - Vines TanWildflower Boutique
Whoa GirlWide Awake FlannelWide Backing FabricsWildflower Boutique
Winter BerriesWintertideWool and  Needle Flannel IVWool and Needle Flannels V
Winter BerriesWintertideWool and Needle Flannel IVWool and Needle Flannels V
Woolies FlannelsHappiness Framed
Woolies FlannelsYou Make My Heart Happy