Wool Blend Felt General Information

Our wool blend felt is manufactured in the United States by National Nonwovens.  
It is ideal for penny rugs, pillows, faux foods and flowers, ornaments, stockings, puppets, and so much more.
We stock two blend of wool felt, which can be used interchangeably in your projects.  You won't notice a
significant difference between the two blends.  Both are approximately 2 mm thick, or approximately 
1/16th of an inch thick. 
Fiber content is as follows:
WCF Styles:  20% wool/80% rayon
TOY Styles:  35% wool/65% rayon
The felts can be used straight off the bolt for a flat look.  To create a more bubbled texture, the felts can be
soaked in hot water and tumbled in a dryer.  See our Tips section below for more detailed information.
Wool blend felt can shrink 3" x 5" per yard when washed, so be sure to allow adequate yardage for shrinkage.
Please be aware that colors can bleed when wet. 

The Difference Between Wool Blend Felt VS Felted Wool 

The wool blend felt on our site is a felt fabric made from wool and rayon.  Felt is a type of fabric made by
bonding fibers together.  It is not a woven fabric.  Because it is a blend of wool and rayon, when soaked in
hot water, then tossed in a dryer, the fibers will shrink up and cause the fabric to be bubbly and soft.  Think of
wool blend felt as similar to a craft-type felt, but with a much nicer feel and flexibility. 
Felted wool, on the other hand, typically refers to a woven fabric that has been soaked in hot water, agitated,
then exposed to heat.  This process compacts the fibers, making a dense fabric.  Think of felted wool as
being similar to a wool hat. 

Tips for Working With Wool Felt 

Download a Tip Sheet HERE for helpful hints to prepare and work with wool blend felt. 

Coordinating DMC Floss Colors

Download a conversion chart HERE for suggestions for DMC floss colors that coordinate with our wool blend felt. 

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