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Flared Top Baskets

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Sometimes a basket is just as much about decorating as organizing. Why not reduce the clutter with beautiful Flared Top Baskets you are proud to display around the house?

For the baby’s room, you can store diapers, pacifiers, baby toys, washcloths, onesies and more in the size that fits items best. Older kids can put their phones and other digital devices in a basket. Create a centerpiece for your table at holiday time. Why not put that knitting in a beautiful basket for others to see when your fingers aren’t busy with it? Video games and remotes by the TV in another basket! And so much more the ideas are endless.

Sizes: Large 7in H x 10-1/2in W x 6-1/2 W at base, Medium 4-3/4in H x 8in W x 5-1/4in W at base, Small 4in H x 6in W x 4in W at base.

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