DMC Floss

We’ve hand selected these DMC colors to
coordinate with the wool blend felts that we stock. 
Keep in mind that printers/computer screens may alter the
appearance of colors if you are making selections for other projects.
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Cannot be copied for any commercial uses.

Download a printable version of our Wool Blend Felt/DMC Floss conversion chart HERE.

Note: Requires Adobe Reader in order to read. Click here to download the most recent version if you don't already have it! If you are unable to get files to open automatically, please right click on file link, click Save Target As... save to your pc and open manually. Thanks!

We carry the full line of DMC 6-strand cotton floss. Choose from the 108 colors coordinated to match our wool blend felt below, or enter the DMC Color Number of the floss you want to order in the box here. 
*Keep in mind that we’ve done our best to match up floss colors to felt, but sometimes there just wasn’t a “perfect” match in the DMC line.

DMC Color Number:

DMC Floss - $ .80 each


Naturally Neutral

1. White-White   qty:
2. Antique White-3865    qty: 3. Fresh Linen-3866   qty:
4. Straw-739    qty: 5. Buttercream-437    qty: 6. Beach Sand-738    qty:
7. Haybale-422   qty:


Buy one skein EACH of Naturally Neutrals Floss: $5.60

Totally Tan

1. Beige-436   qty:
2. Champagne-543   qty: 3. Camel-840   qty:
4. Vanilla Late-3864   qty: 5. Sandstone-841   qty: 6. Toffee-646   qty:


Buy one skein EACH of Totally Tan Floss:  $4.80

Yonkers for Yellow

1. Buttercup-3078   qty:
2. Banana Cream-3822   qty: 3. Yellow-307   qty:
4. Mellow Yellow-3821   qty: 5. Honey Mustard-833   qty: 6. Old Gold-783   qty:
7. Mustard Seed-3829   qty: 8. Butternut Squash-782   qty: 9. Peat Moss-434   qty:
10. Havana Gold-420  qty: 11. Safari Brown-869  qty:  


Buy one skein EACH of Yonkers for Yellow Floss:  $8.80

Rustic Rusts

1. Cinnamon-3826   qty:
2. Tahitian Sunset-400   qty: 3. Ember-918   qty:
4. Oakwood-3857   qty: 5. Lt Brown-938   qty: 6. Copper Kettle-301   qty:
7. Copper-920   qty: 8. Pumpkin Spice-976   qty: 9. Mac N Cheese-741   qty:
10. Sunburst-721   qty: 11. Hallow's Eve-720   qty:  


Buy one skein EACH of Rustic Rusts Floss:  $8.80

Really Reds

1. Grandma’s Garnet-221  qty:
2. Barnyard Red-3777   qty: 3. Rustic Crimson-355   qty:
4. Burnt Sienna-3777   qty: 5. Strawberry Dream-3832   qty: 6. Red-304   qty:
7. Bright Red-321  qty: 8. Kiss Me Darling-350  qty:


Buy one skein EACH of Really Reds Floss:  $6.40

Peachy Plums

1. Blush-951    qty:
2. Wheat Fields-3774    qty: 3. Georgia Peach-3824    qty:
4. Blushing Bride-224   qty: 5. Pink Grapefruit-152   qty: 6. Pretty in Pink-3721   qty:
7. Victorian Rose-315   qty: 8. Burgundy-902   qty:


Buy one skein EACH of Peachy Plums Floss:  $6.40

Plenty of Pinks

1. Pink-963   qty:
2. Cotton Candy-604   qty: 3. English Rose-3716   qty:
4. Ruby Red Slippers-600   qty: 5. Pink Violet-3608    qty: 6. Shocking Pink-603   qty:
7. Fuchsia-3804   qty: 8. Rose Petal-718    qty:

Buy one skein EACH of Plenty of Pinks Floss:  $6.40

Passion for Purple

1. Robin’s Egg Blue-159   qty:
2. Periwinkle-340   qty: 3. Bluer than Blue-158   qty:
4. Lavender-3837   qty: 5. Field of Lilacs-155   qty: 6. Wisteria-554   qty:
7. Hydrangea-3836   qty: 8. Vineyard-3740   qty: 9. Grape Jelly-327   qty:
10. Purple-550   qty:    


Buy one skein EACH of Passion for Purple Floss:  $8.00

Bunch of Blues

1. Love Bug Blue-931   qty:
2. Blue Snow-162   qty: 3. Alluring Aqua-964   qty:
4. Baby Blue-598   qty: 5. Peacock-3810   qty: 6. Blue Bayou-3844   qty:
7. Tropical Wave-517   qty: 8. Deep Blue Sea-3842   qty: 9. Norwegian Blue-798   qty:
10. Denim-312   qty: 11. Ragtime Blue-3750   qty: 12. Navy-823   qty:

Buy one skein EACH of Bunch of Blues:  $9.60

Mostly Mint

1. Pistachio-772   qty:
2. Enchanted Forest-3363   qty: 3. Loden-522   qty:
4. Olive-520   qty: 5. Camouflage-935   qty: 6. Cypress Garden-934   qty:
7. Mint Leaf-3851   qty: 8. Blue Spruce-502   qty: 9. Mediterranean Mist-503   qty:
10. Babbling Brook-3768   qty: 11. Evergreen-500   qty:


Buy one skein EACH of Mostly Mint Floss:  $8.80

Great Greens

1. Chartreuse-906   qty:
2. Spring Tickle-165   qty: 3. Pea Soup-471   qty:
4. Shady Grove-3052   qty: 5. Reets Relish-469   qty: 6. Moss-937   qty:
7. Grassy Meadows-895   qty: 8. Kelly Green-700   qty: 9. Hunter Green-3818   qty:

Buy one skein EACH of Great Greens Floss:  $7.20

Basic Blacks

1. Silver Grey-168   qty:
2. Confederate Blue-926   qty: 3. Storm Clouds-169   qty:
4. Driftwood-415   qty: 5. Cloudy Day-317   qty: 6. Licorice-535   qty:
7. Black-310   qty:


Buy one skein EACH of Basic Blacks Floss:  $5.60

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